Simple Ways to Squeeze Self-Development Into Everyday Living

Start scheduling your days, start saying no more are just two ways to free up time for more personal development.


About 3 years ago I made a decision to discover how Superachievers do what they do and how they do it so well. This is what was said:

“If you are not growing you are dying.”

I was lucky enough to find a Network Marketing Company that was like a personal development plan with a compensation plan attached to it—I was exposed to many of these Superachievers and I have vowed to never be average again. This is when I also learned that your level of income will be determined by your level of personal development.

Every single day since  then I ‘ve made room for personal development—this way I’m constantly having new information flow to my brain to change the way I’ve been programmed to think.

This post offers some simple suggestion how to make room for personal self-development while living your busy life.


  1. While Getting Ready in the Mornings. When getting ready for school or work. Maybe when getting breakfast and or coffee prepared in the mornings.
  2. At the Gym or While Working Out. Upgrade your mind while at the gym, during your daily walk or while you are getting your excersise—kill two birds with one stone by listing to audio or reading while on a treadmill, stationary bike.
  3. In the Shower. Yes, in the shower. While getting is a shower is an excellent way to stimulate your brain. Have a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker close by is an excellent way to be able to listen to you your favorite audios stored on your computer or smartphone.
  4. In the Car. We all spend an amazing amount of time traveling so this is an excellent time to get an education. Keep CDs in your disk player in your car or have audio books, YouTube videos on your phone, use this time to learn instead of listing to the radio.
  5. At Lunch or on Breaks. Many of us have 30 minutes to an hour for lunch and perhaps two 1o or 15 minute breaks daily. Pack your lunch and allow yourself more time for personal self-development. Keep a pair of earbuds close by this way to can listen to one of those audiobooks that you’ve got downloaded on your phone on breaks.
  6. During House Cleaning. Listen to an audio book or something motivational and or inspirational is the thing to do when cleaning up. Turn off the TV (unless it’s TBN that you’re watching), abstain from listing to music this is a chance to upgrade you.
  7. While Doing Yard Work. I loved cutting my own yard—it was a chance to get a workout and put on headphones and at the same time invest in my own personal growth.
  8. When Waiting to be Seen or Early to Appointments. While waiting for the doctor, dentist or any other appointment this is an excellent time to get some reading or just listen to audio or read a magazine that will increase your knowledge in your field of specialty.
  9. When Washing Dishes and Cooking. This is one of my favorite times to upgrade my mindset. I love to connect my iPhone and listen to YouTube videos or just connect to my best audio books when in the kitchen cooking and doing dishes.
  10. When Shopping. While running around your grocery store, waiting in line at the deli, or waiting at the check outline line that you can use as a way to dial into those mentorship calls or listen to an audio book. For you gentlemen, it may just be while washing your car or detailing your ride.
Our ability to devote ourselves to lifelong learning is vital because knowledge is the main source of value in the world right now.

It is my hope that  this post provides you with additional avenues to pursue personal growth this way you can continue to get ahead and achieve success in every aspect of your life.

Remember that successful people maintain success by consistently learning and adapting their mindset—don’t underestimate how just 30 minutes per day can change your life around.

My question for you is: What’s your favorite way to get personal self-development into your daily routine? Leave a comment in the section below.

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