How to operate under the same 24-7-365 as some of the world’s super-achievers like Oprah, Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, Joel Osteen. Know your purpose and be focused. There are too many useless activities that take up our work day. However, practicing these principles shared by one of my virtual mentors he says your competition will not be able to keep up with you. Here are 3 secrets of super-achievers.

So you may be like me, happy to know there are only a few things that are required to push you to greatness. To become clear to be able to achieve more by doing less and there are only a few things the super-achievers do to push themselves to greatness by being super focused. Look at your calendar and see what things you said no to. Which of those things you said yes to that you should have said no to.

1.  Master the few – Find and focus on the vital few things necessary in your business. To become world class you must become awesome at a few things. What are the one or two things that you will focus on that will take your business to the next level. What are the one or two things that only you can and must do to take your business to the next level. Anything you want to do in life comes down to about half a dozen fundamentals.

For your chosen field, there are only about 6 things that you need to know and master. So you will get great just by mastering the few basic habits that are needed for your line of work. So what it comes down to is you must find the vital few functions that only you must do for you to become world class in your line of work. Don’t try to become a jack of all trades and the end up being the master of none.

Track the amount of time that you are spending on doing anything that matters and try to get better. Narrow it down to about 10 things and then from the top ten find the 3 most essential things. With your new perspective, you become clear on what your time is worth and if you can equate a dollar amount to your vital function when you do things that are not related to that function you come to realize that it is costing you money

When others try to get you to do things outside of what is going to move you towards your goal. Simply put stop doing the things that are not making you the big bucks and delegate those things that are not making massive money. Everything you do is keeping you from doing what you should be doing. So you will get great just by mastering the few basic habits that are needed for your line of work. Learn to move from labor to leadership.



2.  Out focus the competition – Focus is a skill. Most of us are never focused, we get distracted about every 3 minutes and it takes us about 11 minutes to regain our focus. We have to go from reacting to creating, we need to move from responding to everyone’s priorities. You must be able to get away from the distractions, emails, phone calls, office drop-ins, blog post, social media updates, self-induced multi-tasking.

There is also the misnomer that you can multi-focus, there is no such thing as multi-tasking. For example, you cannot listen to a conference call and read and email at the same time, you are just simply switching between projects. Instead, learn to create a bubble, turn off all distractions this will allow you to focus for 90 minutes at a time. These focus sessions will allow you to be able to triple what Fortune 500 CEOs are able to accomplish in a days work.

If you can learn to control your attention you can learn to control your life.

3.  Out fail your competition – Ok so the key to success is to go experience massive failure. So you gotta get out of your comfort zone and go experience massive failure in order to have massive success. Go fail a lot, go fail a big and go fail fast. I was given the understanding that life is like a pendulum, on one side is pain, rejection sadness and failure and on the other side is joy,love, happiness and success and you can’t stand still. You also can’t swing the pendulum on the side joy, love, happiness, and success. if you just stand still you won’t experience any and pain rejection sadness or failure but then you won’t experience and joy, love happiness and happiness and you can’t just stand under a bridge. So rather that stay in your comfort zone you can swing the pendulum on the side of pain, sadness, rejection failure and defeat and then the pendulum will swing back.

So if you are in sales the example was to go sell, sell, sell and experience pain, rejection and failure and then the pendulum will swing in your favor and you get to experience a lot of success. The Law of Averages then comes to your aid. So what is the key it’s to Go For No, you must get used to loving and celebrating failure and this way it opens you up to being able to experience massive success.



So you can practice being an over-achiever, applying maximum effort all the time and still yield minimum rewards. As an over-achiever you are overworked, overwhelmed from having to work long hours, sacrificing nights and weekends. Giving up your hobbies and sacrificing your relationships may not be the key to success but rather the sum of a set of small habits that when you combine them it allows you not to be or become an over achiever but become a super-achievers.

So, I hope these 3 secrets of super-achievers, has helped you to experience a lot less stress and more joy in your life. I hope they help you to work smarter, not harder.  


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