There’s no hope of success for the person who does not have a central purpose, a vision, a definite goal, a life plan at which to aim. Ninety-eight out of every hundred of those whom Napoleon Hill analyzed had no such aim and perhaps this was the major cause of their failure.


We all procrastinate to some extent therefore, we must program ourselves to prevent drifting through life. The successful person has a central purpose, a definite major purpose AKA having a definite chief aim.

In the previous week, I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the word purpose. It’s been mentioned in blog posts, conference calls and just yesterday in church. Therefore I take it as a clue that I need become clear on my own purpose here.

It has been determined that there is something, a skill, a talent a gift, that every last one of us is assigned by our Creator and no one else can complete this purpose but you. We sometimes get a calling early in life and ignore but and we should not ignore it but instead honor that calling.



As Napoleon Hill says, “The primary reason for failure is that people don’t develop definiteness in all their thoughts and in all their deeds. Not having a definite chief aim can have penalties. Not having a major definite purpose can be costly, so let’s explore the 5 consequences of not having a major definite purpose aka drifting.


1. Drifting. In the book Outwitting the Devil, a controversial book that Napoleon Hill wrote shortly after Think and Grow Rich in 1938. In Outwitting the Devil Dr. Hill reveals that he broke the Devil’s code, forcing him to reveal his secrets. The resulting manuscript proved to be so controversial by Napoleon Hill’s family and advisors that it was hidden for more than 70 years.

Alright, so what does that have to do with drifting you’re thinking? In his bold conversations with the Devil, drifting occurs because he is more clever that his opposition. The Devil claims he is able to draw people away from definiteness with his promise and because he is a better salesman. He boasts how he attracts people by feeding them the thought-habits in which they like to indulge. He goes on and on to say that everyone is born with the privilege of being definite, but only 2% of every 100 people even bother to maintain it by adopting it as a policy by which one is guided in all the affairs of his life. The Devil says the other 98% are too lazy to use it.Anyone can take advantage of the principle of definiteness just as one may build a strong physical body through constant, systematic use. Throughout the book,we learned that any person who adopts definiteness as a policy and uses it in all of his daily experiences can’t be induced to the habit of drifting.


2. Financial Setback. Having a major definite purpose is important to your financial happiness. Without a chief aim, chances are that our ideas and goals would be scattered and hinder us from quickly attaining the things that are most important to us. Having a major definite purpose allows us to capitalize on our allotted time and money.


3.  Misery. Think back to Stephen King’s 1987 novel of the same name that inspired the psychological thriller movie in 1990, about a psychotic fan who holds an author captive and him to write her stories. If you remember the movie then I’m sure you will agree that we should want to avoid misery.

By having a major definite purpose our lifetime plans can come together much easier. With having this chief aim it allows us to have better health, experience more spiritual fulfillment, advancement in one’s chosen occupation and have more fulfilling relationships. Being able to attain the goals we’ve set for ourselves it gives to us a certain confidence that allows us to navigate our way through life with clarity and purpose.



4. Lost Opportunities. We live in a world full of distractions, so it is easy to procrastinate and this is why it is so important to have a major definite purpose. I am sure that you’ll agree that most opportunities come with an expiration date, therefore, it’s vital that we are able to identify opportunities early when presented this way we can pounce on them—if not most opportunities will be gone forever. Having a major definite purpose gives us something to get up for each day, a purpose to strive for.


5.  Avoid the “If Onlys”. To be able to arrive in our golden years and be able to celebrate having led a good life would be the ideal. However, most people get to the end of their lives with regrets and thinking if only I had… Having a major definite purpose is like having a compass, a big why—having a guide back to our goals when tempted to deviate or drift. Life is short and it is a string of successful moments tied together that helps us to live a good life.



Some people make it a habit of blaming others or blaming their circumstances for not getting their desires in life. Our lives start to become great when we start to focus on what it is that we want most in life and work our plans to attain them. Whenever you find yourself drifting it is important to take action and get back on track remind yourself with all your might to take action and “do it now!”

In Outwitting the Devil it’s stated that because there are so few people past and present who understand how to use definiteness of purpose without attracting to themselves the negative application of the Law of Compensation (as ye sow, so shall ye reap). Keep in mind that having a definite purpose and definiteness of a plan both together does not guarantee success.To attain success one must also be persistent, if your plan is not working, change it as often as you need to. You just need to start where you are, stick to your definiteness of purpose. When executing your plan, always make sure your plan benefits all who are involved in the transaction—remember that time is the enemy of immorality and injustice. To have long term success you must recognize these facts if not your will be subject to the penalties which follow as night follows day.



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