Every entrepreneur needs a vast amount of skills, not just to get better at what they do but to become the very best, we must constantly learn and apply new skills. In this post I’ll touch on the 5 key skills every entrepreneur must master to be successful.


As an entrepreneur, the one thing I have come to realize is that you can’t have too many skills. Not only do you need to be crafty but you also need to know how to tap into the skillsets of your peers.

Mastering certain skills can make us better entrepreneurs and while we don’t have to be born with all these skills but we can study successful people and make good use of their good skills to become better business people. Here are 5 key skills that every entrepreneur master to be successful.



1. Communication. We live in an electronic era, e-Mails, conference calls, webinars, faxing, voicemails, we are in constant communication with people not just in our immediate circle but with people all over the world. Everything we do is about communicating something in some manner. We are all so different but yet all so similar in how we all want to be heard and understood. Communication is the most important skill that we need as and entrepreneur or just as  human beings. How we communicate with others will determine if they choose to do business with us or not. Last, It’s vital that we leave a good impression, therefore, good written and verbal communication skills are required and every communication should be polite, professional and positive.

2. Sales. We are all salespeople in some way or another, we must constantly sell our ideas in business and even at home. It is never too soon to start working on your sales skills. For example my nine-year-old daughter is one of the best at sales, so is so good a selling me all the parties she must attend and all the i-Phones Apps she must have. So as you can see it is so very important that we learn and master sales skills. This reminds me that book The Greatest Salesman in The World by Og Mandino, it is such a powerful book it has helped me and can help you to become a way better sales person. The Greatest Salesman in the world it’s one of my top three favorite books, alongside The Bible and Think and Grow Rich.

3. Branding and Marketing. As an entrepreneur, it takes a long time to build your brand and your brand, however, your brand can be quickly destroyed and because of that we must do everything to protect it. I remember hearing the phrase exposure is everything. Getting good exposure is the key. Protect your brand especially as a solopreneur. Effective marketing is also very important because you can have the best product or service but unless you have customers your product or service becomes irrelevant. Once again good communication skills will be important when you choose to use different strategies to reach your potential customers and to inform them of your available products and or services.

4. Product and Service innovation. Creativity is the key to wealth. In the competitive field, you must have your unique spin to win. Imagination is the workshop of the soul. All great achievements in life start in the imagination, our dreams, goals, visions. We all know that there is nothing new under the sun but the person who has the ability to to use existing ideas and or items and combine them to solve existing problems will be highly sought after and highly compensated.

5. Goal Setting and Planning. Every entrepreneur Knows that using SYSTEMS for planning. SYSTEM is an acronym for Save-Your-Self-Time-Energy and Money. I love systems they allow us to organize and plan. Systems are like forming good habits. All habits are learned says, Brian Tracy. So just as every ship that leaves the port must have a plan if not it is going to drift as entrepreneurs we too must set daily, monthly, yearly and lifetime goals to avoid drifting. You must plan your work and work your plan. Each night we must make a habit of knowing what it is that we want to accomplish for the very next day. The next day we need to make a list of all the little goals we intend to achieve that day. At the end of the day, we need to use a journal to reflect on our day and to capture our wins. Remember that all successful people think about their goals most of the time. We do achieve what we think about most of the time and a vision board may be worth considering to help us stay tied to our goals.


Entrepreneurship is easier today that it has ever been in history but what is easy to do can also be easy not to do. This is why as entrepreneurs we must we must govern ourselves accordingly and master these 5 key skills that every entrepreneur needs to be successful.

Which of these 5 skills do you need to work on to get to the next level of your entrepreneurial success,  leave a comment in the section below. 

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