Being Rich isn’t About Money—It’s About Psychology

As David Imonitie says, “Before you get there you must go there.” Those who have achieved and maintain financial freedom stick to a regimen. In this post, we unlock the 7 Habits of a Seven Figure Earner as is taught by Mr. David Imonitie.


This post is inspired by one of my favorite mentors Mr. David Imonitie he’s a Multi-Millionaire, Serial Entrepreneur who’s highly sought after due to the fact that he’s mastered Belief & Achievement.

This individual was the reason I got involved in Relationship Marketing about three years ago. I went to see an opportunity, I was shown a magazine of a young man not yet 3o at the time and he was doing amazing things training and developing multiple six figure earners globally. His story was absolutely compelling and I just had to get involved.

Since then he is now with a new company, even so, I still follow him, his beautiful wife and a few of his team leaders.

Mr. Imonitie previously did a call on this topic but I loved the fact that on this recent call he’s emphasized the importance of putting God first in all that you do. He teaches from experience and here’s The 7 Habits of a Seven Figure Earner as he recently taught it.

Habit #1: They Set Specific Goals 
Everything starts with desire. 7 Figure Income Earners set specific goals. Rather than, “I want to be a millionaire,” for example, an attainable goal might be, “I’m going to bring in an extra $30,000 this year.” And that goal can be attained by careful planning and strategic action.

Formula for Setting Specific Goals: 

  • Have a goal that drives you, one that moves you into action daily.
  • Have the goal written down, so that you can see it every day.
  • Have a date of completion. Seven Figure Earners set dates when things need to get done.
  • Identify the obstacles that will hinder you from reaching your goals—don’t get complacent. Don’t get lazy. Let your mind work off pre-play, not replay. Adopt the attitude of gratitude.
  • Be able to identify the people they will work with.
  • Have a plan of action—know what is in it for you what will you give to yourself once you attain your goal.

Habit #2: They Strong Teachability Index

Seven Figure Earners are willing to change and to adopt. They have the ability to listen. If it is not working change your approach. Go get the skills that you may be missing. Mr. Imonitie said,

“Don’t be like Moses and run for 40 years before you go back to fulfill your purpose at 80 years old.”

Habit #3: They Have a Strong Positive Mental Attitude 
They live a life of faith. Our words are also creating so you must guard your words. Watch what you are reading. Watch your post on social media, make sure that your words are encouraging uplifting.

What determines your attitude?:

  • What are you looking at?—Be aware of what you are looking at.
  • How are you looking at it? Are you seeing things from an empowering or disempowering place? There may be situations in your life that are not as you would want them to be but you must come from a place of looking at it with the proper attitude. Our words are also creating—therefore we guard your words.
  • What are you saying—what is coming out of your mouth? Each time we speak creation is going into action. Guard your words. There may be situations in your life that are not as you would want them to be but you must come from a place of looking at it with the proper attitude. Our words are also creating so you must guard your words. Watch what you are reading. Watch your post on social media, make sure that your words are encouraging. What are you are reading? Watch what you are reading and posting on social media, make sure that the words that you write and or speak are encouraging.
  • How are you feeling? In all that you do, make sure that you are evoking the feeling of love. Make sure that genuine love—love is the strongest force in the universe. Put God at center and truly love people. Love people, Love God. 

Habit #4:  They Have a Strong Work Ethic 

Seven Figure Earners have a strong mental attitude. They are able to stay focused for long periods of time. Seven Income earners have a habit of sticking to the task at hand until the job is done! Mr. Imonitie also mentioned that famous speech Art Williams gave many years ago Just Do It.  You can listen to it here.

Habit #5: They Have Strong People & Leadership Skills 
Seven Figure Earner put people first, they treat people good and they nurture their relationships and never ever take advantage of people to get where you are going.

They are able to use the info that the color personality chart teaches how to identify people’s personality types—then apply that knowledge to the people that they are working with.

People come in four predominant behavioral flavors that correspond to the colors red, yellow, green and blue. Once you’re able to recognize them and understand what they mean, you’ll connect and persuade more people with greater ease and speed.

You’ll know what to say and how to say it with everyone you meet. Mr. Imonitie highly recommends The Magic of Colors by  Mr. Jerry Clark he’s and Author, a Giant of Network Marketing, Motivation, Self-Help and Wealth Building.

The 4 Personality Colors:

  • Red – driven – focused on themselves – dominant – focused – task-based – stay on target
  • Yellow – caring –  focus on others -submissive – loves peace – will help people anyone- does not like to take credit for their work
  • Blue – fun – exciting – party – intellectual – influential – likes to have fun
  • Green – analytical – loves facts and figures – you can talk to them in detail and they will love every second of it – they are extreme readers

Wealthy, successful people are very particular about who they associate with. Their goal is to develop and foster relationships with other success-minded individuals. Treat people the way they want to be treated.

Treat people the way they want to be treated. John C. Maxwell is the best at teaching leadership.

People Will Follow you Because of:

  • Because of previous results
  • Because of current results
  • Because of your integrity
  • Because of your pleasing personality
  • Because you have a great work ethic

Actually, people really follow because of who you are.

Habit#6: They Have a strong personal development regiment 
Seven Figure Earners place a strong premium on personal development. Make sure every day that you have some kind of personal development going into your mind—something that is helping you to grow. Seven Figure Earners listen to audio, they pay attention to what they read, they get excited in replaying audio. Wealthy people make room in their lives for growth.

He mentioned audios like his Conceive Believe and Achieve, it’s one I recommend also, I have it in my disk changer in the car for 3 years now and whenever doubt creeps in I play it. Important that you find at least one audio that resonates with you and play it over and over again.

Habit #7: They have a strong money blueprint 
Seven Figure Earners know what to do with a dollar. There are percentages involved, but you really only have to do it once. Automating your money is the alternative to budgeting. Then you set up automatic transfers and it works like miracles.

  • Pay yourself 10%
  • Tithe or charity   10%
  • Living expenses no more than 25%
  • Reinvest back into your business 15%
  • Taxes 25%
  • Investing and saving – this last 15% should be more investing than saving

You can’t get wealthy by stuffing your savings in your mattress! The magic of wealth-building is that you can get to a place where your money actually makes more money 10for you, passively, than you make at your job or in your business.

Here are the four ways that money goes:

  • Living expenses 25%
  • Lifestyle
  • Taxes 25%
  • Back into your business 15%

Don’t just leave your money in the bank you must become financially literate to become financially free, figure out ways to put money and let it grow. Giving will be the biggest multiplier for your money, tithing is a must. When you get money think about where it needs to go—don’t just spend it.

Seven Figure Earners have learned not just the skill of earning money, but also the skill of preserving it. When it comes to being wealthy, it isn’t about how much you get to spend, it’s about how much you get to keep. Find ways to supplement your income. Find other ways within your business to make other income. Don’t just have one income source—find ways to make your money grow.

Must become financially literate and these 7 habits must be mastered if you ever intend to become a Seven Figure Income Earner.

My question for you is: What habit do you need to work on? or What  habit have you now mastered? Leave a comment in the section below.

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