Gifts of the Spirit are given to produce power in a believer’s life. 

The anointing of God is the power of the Holy Spirit flowing and operating through us to accomplish/reveal the plans of God.

It is God’s power flowing and operating through us, not our own power—these gifts are supernatural or spiritual in nature—miraculous manifestations direct from the Holy Spirit Himself.


It is important that we remember that the gifts are for uplifting Jesus Christ and not to be displayed. They are for the benefit of the church, not the carrier.

You will discover your gift as you function but it’s your responsibility to give it away. The gifts require living a Spirit-filled life, a life obedient to the Lord.

These gifts operate through faith—together, not independently of each other.

God gives nine gifts in all: 1 Corinthians 12:10

  • Three REVELATION Gifts—These gifts reveal something.
  • Three VOCAL (UTTERANCE) Gifts— These gifts say something.
  • Three POWER Gifts—These gifts do something. Raising the dead requires all three POWER gifts.
Revelation Gifts:   1. Word of Wisdom 2. Word of Knowledge          3. Discerning of Spirits
Vocal Gifts:   4. Tongues              5. Interpretation of Tongues   6. Prophecy
Power Gifts:           7. Faith      8. Healing 9. Working of     Miracles

#1 – Word of Wisdom: The Supernatural Operation of God’s Word Applied Correctly in a Situation

1 Corinthians 12:8 – Knowing when to use scripture

It’s one of the greatest of the 9 gifts of The Holy Spirit. Word of wisdom is needed to use all the other gifts. Word of Wisdom should be the most important of the gifts because having a revelation of the mind and purpose of God is more important than anything else.

This gift is about knowing when to use a particular passage from the Bible and able to apply the word, when in a jam can mean the difference between life and death a prime example was when Jesus refused to partake in Satan’s offers in the wilderness.

For example by applying Word of Wisdom Jesus was able to defeat the Devil by quoting of the Word of God.  

#2 – Word of Knowledge: Getting the Facts Supernaturally Through the Spirit

2 Kings 6:8-12  Brings revelation concerning facts past or present

The gift of Word of Knowlege is related to Word of Wisdom—this spiritual gift allows you to see things from God’s perspective as much as humanly possible.

This is where you just know that you know certain information.  It’s related to the ability to teach the faith, and with forms of revelation to teach the faith, but also with forms of revelation similar to prophesy. 

It also allows you to understand God’s greatness and his love for his people.

#3 – Discerning of Spirits: Knowing Spirits—Source of a Manifestation 

The ability to detect the source of a manifestation. Is it the Devil, a human, or God. In today’s day and age we need this supernatural ability to distinguish between spirits, to know if a good or evil spirit, it is truthful or deceiving, is it prophetic or satanic?

With this gift, the Holy Spirit will give you supernatural discernment, insight, and knowledge involving the three kinds of spirits.

Often this gift will allow you to expose what is operating behind the scenes, it’s also referred to as Opening of the Third Eye, where you are granted the ability to tap into the Realm of the Spirit and see what is happening around you. God meant for us to operate with the third eye, not our physical eye.

This gift refers to one of three spirits:

  1. Demonic spirits
  2. God’s angels
  3. Human spirits

#4 – Gift of Tongues: Three Supernatural Means of Communication

Gift of Tounges is a special gift of the Holy Spirit. This gift is important for intercessory prayer, entering into spiritual warfare and having intimate fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Gift of Tounges usually follows the baptism of the Holy Spirit. 

Below are the three types of tounges:

#6 – Gift of Prophecy: Revelation for Edification

The Gift of Prophecy is one of the most powerful but also sometimes one of the most misunderstood of the 9 gifts from God.

This is the “forth-telling or a divine revelation, a prophetic message, intended to build up the Body of Christ and can only be revealed through prophets. 

Receiving a prophetic message is usually for the purpose of:

  • Edification of the body of Christ –  (to build up).
  • Exhortation –  A calling nearer to God.
  • Comfort – To set at ease, to encourage.

#7 – Gift of Faith: The Capability to Believe God for the Impossible 

Remember that the Holy Bible says there are different types of Faith—therefore, The Gift of Faith should not be confused with Fruit of Faith or Saving Faith. 

Some of the things that are impossible God has already made possible but we’ve allowed the Devil to make it impossible, He gets in the way and blocks us because he knows that we don’t have the Gift of Faith, the ability to make a claim and to get a miracle. 

This is special, supernatural faith is given by the Spirit and can only happen when God’s words become more real than our situation, and he honors his promise which causes a miracle to happen.

#8 – Gift of Healing: Restoration of Health

It is a supernatural healing, beyond natural means, given by the Spirit. The purpose of the gifts of healings is to deliver the sick and destroy the works of the devil in the human body. 

#9 – Gift of Miracles: Divine Creative Acts

A miracle is the performance of something which is against the Laws of Nature—it’s where the power of God causes an effect that would not have occurred if Jesus had not intervened.

This is an act of God, prime examples are, casting out demons out of people and raising the dead.


Finally, many do not recognize their gift(s) because they are inactive but the more you use it the better you become. The gifts are given by the Holy Spirit as a means to spread the Gospel and to fulfill the mission of the Church—none of the gifts are to be forbidden.


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