Make 2018 Your Year of Productivity

Although you may have a list of your own hare are my 7 favourite apps for writing and taking notes. Be sure to share your favourites with me in the comment section at the bottom of this post. 

When I’m at church or at a conference I always bring a notebook—outside of that, I’ve committed to opening up my computer or iPhone to take notes or write outside of that.

In the past, I used Evernote for all of my writing projects and to take almost all of my notes but recently I just get started right inside of WordPress because it makes it easy for me to have content ready to be quickly posted.

  1. Word – Although this is a basic application it becomes necessary when creating content outside of my blog posts—therefore I still love it!
  2. Evernote – I love Evernote it’s like having my own personal assistant. With Evernote, I can also store ideas and easily go back to them at a later time. I can save things, for example, articles that want to read later on. I just copy and paste straight into Evernote. The last time I moved I had so much clutter, it’s my goal to go totally paperless and Evernote is helping to do that. I take pics of important docs and store them in Evernote, I’ve even stored my daughter’s artwork and saved them into Evernote. It’s kinda like scanning and storing. Evernote helps me to do so much there are infinite features.
  3. DayOne   This is a new one for me, I’ve got my journal right at my bedside but I have not been consistent about journaling my daily experience, so I’m going to be trying something different for 2018. I hear that Day One is a journaling app for your Mac, iPhone or iPad and it allows you to capture life day by day. It allows you to record lifetime even to everyday moments as you experience them, I need to be able to capture my daily experiences in a simple way. It allows instant cloud back up and sharing across your Apple devices.
  4. Notes – It’s a terrific app for taking notes and a great way to jot down a quick thought and keep track of it for later. The app allows you to turn a list into a checklist or easily add a photo, video, web link, or map location to a note—you can even export your notes to Evernote.  If you know me you know that I’m always taking some kind of notes and this one has been one that I have been using on my iPhone for a long time now.
  5. WinStreak – We live in a world full of negativity but WinStreak allows me to capture my three biggest wins of the day. The app allows me to set myself up for success the next day because it allows me to write my three big wins for the next day. This awesome app allows me to record my day as a win rather than a failure. I love the app since it’s the little wins strung together that allows us to have a successful life.
  6. Canva – I use this one all day long. It’s an easy to use design program—the one I use for all my social media posts and blog post covers. I take advantage of the training I got from Eban Pagan on Speed of Implementation and I automatically use a post template and save the quote and modify it by adding the prefered style of text later and adding an image to it.
  7. Grammarly – This is my all-time favourite app/extension. I can’t spell to save my life and this one I use whenever I write it allows me to spell check and grammar check. It allows me to speed write and then go back and use the application to check for errors. As they say, it’s my secret weapon, I don’t worry I just write.

What are your favourite writing apps and why? 

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