Five–fold Ministry

We are all called differently. Therefore, above becoming great we should strive to fulfill God’s requirement for our lives.

The Fivefold Ministry or Fivefold Ministry is a Christian belief that five specific offices mentioned in Ephesians 4:11—those of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers, remain active and valid offices of the current day Christian Church.

These offices all work together

  1. To bring souls to Christ
  2. For the work of the ministry
  3. To edify (or to build up) the body of Christ

These five offices are features of a full-time office or calling and is not to be mistaken with The Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit that can function in any person belonging to the body of Christ. The purpose of the five fold ministry is to keep Christ’s Body (the Church) pure and holy.

An anointing is a sign of a divine call—one should not enter ministry because he want’s to, or feels like it if, but because God calls you, if it is a calling form above—then He will give you the supernatural ability to do the job.  

Keep in mind that Apostles and Profits are the foundation of the church and were the two offices used to write The 66 books of The Holy Bible.


1.  Apostle – Face of a Lion – “king of the beasts – dominates”

An apostle moves in any of the offices of the Five-fold Ministry and may call all of the ministry gifts. An apostle establishes and builds churches; he’s a church planter.

The Apostle is the “thumb,” the mightiest of all the fingers, the Apostle can touch any finger.

Carry All The Gifts:

1. Word of Knowledge  2. Word of Wisdom  3. Gift of Prophecy  4. Discerning of Spirits  5. Different Kinds of Tongues  6. Interpretation of Tongues  7. Gift of Faith  8. Gifts of Healing   9. Working of Miracles

2. Prophet  Face of a (Flying) Eagle – “sees in color and fly above—rules the skies”

Prophet in the Greek means to “forthtell” in the sense of speaking for another. Prophets bring supernatural revelation and insight, giving a vision of the times and seasons, as God’s mouthpiece, see sin, and are there to rebuke and direct the church.   

The prophet is the “index finger,” or pointer finger. He points to the future and points out sin.

Carry The Vocal (Utterance) Gifts—These gifts say something:

  • Tongues 
  • Interpretation of Tongues
  • Prophecy

 3. Evangelist – Face of an Ox – “plows – produces, develops and cultivates the land”

An evangelist is called to be a witness for Jesus Christ. He works for the local church to bring people into the body of Christ where they can be disciplined.

He may evangelize through music, drama, preaching, and other creative ways. Evangelist preaches Christ to people and is not found in the church.

He is the “middle finger,” the tallest one who stands out in the crowd. Evangelists draw a lot of attention, but they are called to serve the local body.

Carry The Power Gifts—These gifts do something:

  • Healing
  • Faith
  • Working of Miracles

4.  Pastor – Face of a Shepard – “preaches & sits down and with people

The pastor is the shepherd of the peoplea true shepherd lays down his life for his sheep. He sits down to counsel the people, clothing them with a Christlike armor. A pastor preaches sermons, he is a manager in church, he organizes and leads people. 

The pastor is the “ring finger.” He is married to the church; called to stay, oversee, nurture and guide.

They Carry The Revelation Gifts—These gifts reveal something:

  • Word of Wisdom
  • Word of Knowledge
  • Discerning of Spirits

5.  Teacher – Face of a Shepard – “an instructor”

The teacher and the pastor are often a shared office, but not always. The teacher lays the foundation and is concerned with detail and accuracy. He delights in research to validate truth. Teachers teach the Word of God with simplicity and wisdom. 

The teacher is the “pinky finger.” Though seemingly small and insignificant, he is designed specifically for digging into tight, dark places, shining a light and picking apart the Word of truth.

They Carry The Revelation Gifts—These gifts reveal something:

  • Word of Wisdom
  • Word of Knowledge
  • Discerning of Spirits
Revelation Gifts:   1. Word of Wisdom 2. Word of Knowledge          3. Discerning of Spirits
Vocal Gifts:   4. Tongues              5. Interpretation of Tongues   6. Prophecy
Power Gifts:           7. Faith      8. Healing 9. Working of     Miracles

In closing, it is important that we remember the purpose of the five ministries. The Holy Spirit has gifts that He gives to every member of the Body of Christ. 

After Jesus ascended to heaven, He divided the gifts into five categories  (“fivefold”) and gave them specific names: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers.

The Fivefold Ministry was created for the Body of Christ to make sure we mature and become fully equipped and so that we may work together and continue doing the work of his ministry.


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