The ability to focus is a skill, you have to learn how to focus. There is no such thing as multi-focusing. Concentrating and focusing are skills. Most people have lost the ability to focus or concentrate, but with time we can learn how to increase productivity with 90 minute jam sessions.



A knock at the door, emails, phone calls, texts, news updates, office drop-ins, self-induced multi-tasking are all forms of distraction. We must not mistake movement for achievement, activity for productivity, or rushing for results.

We cannot actually be on a conference call and read an email at the same time. We cannot make the mistake of thinking that we can do both. Thinking that we can do both is not so because what you are actually doing is just simply switching
There was a survey done on Fortune 500 CEO that spent about 12 hours daily and found that the average CEO spent only about 90 minutes being productive. That survey was later done 2 years later and they found that the number fell to just 28 minutes of being productive and spending more time at the office.

When it comes to the ability to concentrate and focus, once you learn to control your focus you then learn to control your life.

The following formula can help you immediately increase production. The elite performers in society achieve elite status by using productivity intervals. Create 90-minute jam sessions. This is when you apply intense stress and that rest and recover. You will need to create a bubble of silence. Start by putting a note on your door saying that you are not to be disturbed for any reason for 90 minutes, use a timer to help you as well. Fortune 500 members use this method to get your creativity going and get quality work done. The flip side is that it’s just as important to rest and recover if not you will produce fewer results.



The following should bring about a shift in mindset. As an entrepreneur, you get paid to rest and to recover just as much as you are paid to crank out the work. Don’t get mistaken and work, work without the rest if not you will experience burnout. Wake up early and it’s a great idea to do a 90-minute jam session this way you get to say that you have done more than most people before 9 AM. 

My question for you is? What’s your strategy for increasing productivity? Leave a comment in the section below.  

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