As I sit in bed it is a little after 10 AM and the electricity just went out, no tv, no radio, just moments of silence. I ponder, if thoughts are things, then what are words? I think to myself that words are just as powerful. It is a thought that brings ideas to life if and when they are acted upon.

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I think to myself words are just as powerful because I keep going back to the words that you spoke to me. They won’t go away rather, they now reside in my head.

The evil words you spoke to me are still alive and the more silent my environment becomes the louder your cruel words resonate and caused me to write this post: If thoughts are things then what are words?

Useless woman, dumb and stupid, old, no good, wicked woman….long after those wicked words have left your mouth the still reside deep within my head.

Based upon the type of person I am, strong or weak, words have the ability to either move me into action and live my dreams, or as they sometimes do those evil words form a dark and dubious cloud that fogs up my thoughts.

They cause me to become immobilized, paralyzed with fear when it is time to move into action.

So what I am I trying to say. A wise man knows the power of kind words. Beautiful words when spoken have the ability to inspire to make you want to live up to them.

Beautiful words have the power to motivate, they have the ability to inspire you to become what was said.

Beautiful words have the power to activate the creative genius. They can transport you to the next level.

We should choose our words carefully because we are etching imprints in someone’s mind and these imprints just simply never go away.

Words are like the paintbrush that will stroke the empty canvas of the mind, take the time to make sure you are creating a masterpiece and not a nightmare.

So as I sit and write these words on this tablet I stop to ponder does the world see me as a useless woman?

The point is, we are are all valuable. Over the past few months, I have fought like crazy to guard my mind against negative traffic and you should too.

There are so many distractions and sometimes it seems like the harder you try to motivate and improve yourself, others try to pull you back into the negative environment that you are trying to crawl out of.

Therefore, it is so vital that we guard or minds from negativity and continue to move towards self-confidence.


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