Most of my books are on my iPhone. I have titles such as Acres of Diamonds, As a Man Thinketh, How to Use a Journal, The Master Key System, The Science of Getting Rich, The Strangest Secret, The Majic of Thinking Big, Napoleon hill in His Own Voice: Rare Recordings of Napoleon Hill and more.



Guess what? I turned on my computer this morning (at the time when I started writing this post) and launched michaelhyatt.com as I often do each time I turn on my computer and Michael Hyatt says that he is going back to physical books in 2016, interesting.

Buying books and reading the physical copy had not been my thing for a long time now but I recently made a commitment to spend more time in book stores and libraries as a part of developing better habits for 2016. My intent was to interact more with physical books and commit to the act of learning.

One of the top trends (success leaves clues) that I see in success-minded individuals is that the are huge on reading. For example, take a look at what Jim Rohn says, poor people have a big TV’s but rich people have huge libraries.



Now listen to this. While I was in my public library yesterday I was pleased to find five books for sale at my public library and I came home with five physical books for very little money.

I thought it was so ironic that Michael Hyatt had published a post earlier WHY I’M PUTTING EBOOKS ON THE SHELF FOR 2016  8 Powerful Reasons I’m Going Back to Paper—for Now.

One of my best friends who’s name is also Sharon. She’s one of the smartest and kindest people I know, I sometimes call her Guru.

The thing is that Sharon was always urging me to read physical books and less audio and eBooks.

But, I was reluctant for the longest time because I just could not understand why it was important to read physical books.

I kept buying books from Audible and ITunes it seemed so much easier. Ebooks and audio books were always within reach, right there in my iPhone.

I would listen to my Network Marketing’s leaders audio books in my car for  Conceive Believe and  Achieve or Cash Cow on the go.

I’ve become so accustomed to auditory reading but now I am convinced that there is magic in reading the physical books.

Michael Hyatt has definitely educated me on the benefits of reading physical books and that is WHY I’M BUYING AND READING PHYSICAL BOOKS FOR 2016. Reading the old fashioned way most of the time anyway.

So back to Michael Hyatt my virtual mentor. I’ve learned so much from him in the last few months, there is a wealth of information in his website and even more in his membership site at Platform University.

His podcasts are awesome. I’m learning so much and what I value most are the interviews that he’s done with the other leaders.

I love Michael Hyatt’s work, often throughout my work day I would ask myself what would Michael Hyatt do?



Ok ill go back to the benefits that Michael Hyatt gives for reading physical book copies, these are just highlights in my post but you can check out all the details in his post here 

1.  Physical books occupy physical space – while eBooks are out of sight so when you don’t see them you don’t read them.

2.  Physical books allow you to use more of your senses and there are some physical and also spiritual component involved.

3.  With a physical book, you are less likely to get distracted like you would with reading via an iPad or an iPhone for example.

4.  A physical book allows you to retain and comprehend more of the material. Michael Hyatt says there is science to back it up you can see his post just click here.

5.  There is more intimacy with reading an actual book

6.  You interact more with physical books. You can highlight and take notes for example.

7.  It’s easier to navigate physical books. It’s easier to go back and forth.

8.  A physical book provides satisfaction when finishing. Michael Hyatt says that is why he reads in the first place, he likes the reminder that the accomplishment gives him every time he walks past his shelf.

Now you know WHY I’M BUYING AND READING PHYSICAL BOOKS FOR 2016, it’s because there are tremendous benefits to reading physical books. However, I will continue to use my eBooks when on the go.


My question for you is: How do you like to read? Physical books or eBooks and why? Share your answer on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn. Or simply leave a comment in the section below.  

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