Just as there are tons of apps that you can choose from for your phone, there are tons of WordPress plugins to choose from for your blog or website. Plugins have helped me to manage tasks that otherwise would have been difficult to do and they’ve provided features that are necessary for my blog’s success. In this post, I ‘ll share with you, my top 10 WordPress plugins for 2016.


Once your site is set up WordPress Plugins can help you do some truly amazing things. Plugins extend and expand the functionality of WordPress so that you as a user can tailor your site to your specific needs according to your type of business. There are tons of plugins available to you with more than 1,025,256,306 total downloads available at your fingertips.

I’ve been advised that one should not have too many plugins because too many will slow down your site or blog, so please do use me and my 32 total plugins as the ideal aim instead to have about half as many.

There are soo many amazing plugins and this makes it hard for me to not keep adding new ones to my site, its kinda like for my i-Phone where I have way too many apps. Although plugins are great because they give you more options be sure to research the plugin(S) before installing them. Below are the plugins I currently use:

  • All (32)
  • Active (28)
  • Inactive (4)
  • Drop-ins (3)


1. Yoast SEO – Is my favorite SEO plugin, I love it because it is the first true all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress, including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and much more. I am not so great at SEO and this awesome plugin allows me to me to get SEO done!


2.  Google Analytics –  I like Google Analytics because it is simple to add to any blog or website and it is a must have tool that allows me to measure how many visitors that I have visit my site, where they come from, what they do on the site and it helps me to do much more.



3.  Contact Form 7  –  I want my website visitors to be able to get in touch with me, so they can ask me questions to allow me to provide feedback if needed. Unfortunately, not every WordPress theme comes with a built-in contact form. Contact Form 7 is one of the best contact form plugins for WordPress. It allows me to customize each form field to meet my needs. I can also create some pretty advanced forms without knowing how to code them. Contact Form 7 allows me to place a contact form anywhere on my blog with-out having to use a shortcode.


4.  Shareaholic –  is an all-in-one content amplification and monetization platform, that includes related content recommendations, promoted content, social sharing, following, site monetization apps such as affiliate linking, and social analytics. This module makes it a snap for my site regardless of its size to engage and grow my traffic, market my content, gain insights and to monetize my traffic, all from one powerful but easy-to-use dashboard.


5.  User Profile Picture –  This plugin allows me to set or remove a custom profile image via the standard WordPress media upload tool. A template tag is supplied for outputting to a theme and it gives me the option to override my default avatar.


6.  Wordfence Security –  This is one of my favorite plugins because security is so important. It is the most downloaded WordPress Plugin and is 100% free. The plugin starts by checking to see if your site is already infected and then it does a deep server-site scan and then it protects your site and makes it up to 50X faster.


7.  Huge IT Image Gallery – It is one of my favorite plugins due to the fact that it allows me an awesome way to display my picture quotes and my books. It allows me to make my site look more lively and it makes my blog more appealing to visitors. It offers 7 nicely designed views and it is very useful wether using with various pages and posts, as well as withing the template or widget.



8.  W3 Total Cache – Is the highest rated and most complete WordPress performance plugin. It has dramatically improved the speed (considering the 32 total plugins that I have) and user experience of my site. It allows me to add a browser, page, object and database caching as well as minify and content delivery network (CDN) to WordPress.


9.  Tweet This – OTffers easily embedded, stylish tweetable content boxes in my posts and pages. It allows me to let my visitors share my content on Twitter.


10. Top 10 – This plugin counts my daily and total visits per post and displays the most popular posts on my blog based on the number of views.


WordPress plugins are awesome. They’ve helped me to go from a having a standard blog to having a pretty good looking blog. WordPress plugins are like themes they come free and some are available for a small price but don’t worry up to now all the plugins I have used have been free ones.

As I said before plugins are like mobile apps, they help us to fill a need, for example, there are plugins to better assists us with SEO, social media, high performance, etc. 

Similar to mobile apps your WordPress plugins may require maintenance and remember to install plugins from reputable developers. 

Also, remember to update them immediately upon the release of a newer version and just like mobile apps you may completely delete them if you’re no longer have a need for them or you can swap them out for more up to date plugins.

There are two ways to install a WordPress plugin. Automatically or manually. To automatically install a WordPress plugin you may install them directly from the plugins page which is available through your WordPress dashboard or by using some file transfer protocol (FTP) to upload to the appropriate folders on your web server.

In conclusion, I hope some of my top 10 WordPress plugins for 2016, helps you improve your own site.

Keep in mind that those are ones that personally use in my very own blog because they offer custom features.

I hope you are now just as excited about plugins as I am considering all the possibilities that WordPress plugins offer your blog or website.


My question for you is? What is your favorite WordPress plugin and were there any that I should explore and add to my list? You may leave a comment in the section below.  


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