Fundamental Laws for the Business Person

Most people’s lives are not based on fundamentals.

This post is based on a training call done by my mentor Demond Crump. Mr. Crump is a Global Leader in Network Marketing and a highly influential Leadership Guru. His calls are awesome and I truly look forward to his Friday morning training calls.

What are The 8 Principles for The Entrepreneur’s Journey? These are fundamental, primary, general laws or truths from which others are derived. In this post, these principles serve as a guide to help govern your business journey—8 things that one should never compromise on.

Principle # 1: Traditions of Men

Matthew 12:1 – Be prepared. Know that everyone is not going to like, your ideas, what you are doing—everyone is not going to like you or embrace everything you do.

People will resist you, sometimes going against the traditions of men is normal. A perfect example is Jesus Christ and how he was not embraced traditionally because of his teachings and his sayings. Though Jesus led a sinless life, worked miracles one after another he was still not liked and crucified.

Be the flow, be the nontraditional thinker. Be able to validate and share your ideas.

Principle # 2: The Power of Speaking

Genesis 1 – Everything takes time—learn to use the power of your words. Create your desires through the power of your words but you must also be patient and wait for the manifestation to take place.

Think back to Genesis – God used words to speak everything into existence, think how he could have clapped or used any other method to quickly create but obviously he was setting an example for mankind.

Use God’s example, once you’ve used your words to create, be patient take time out to rest and wait for the manifestation.

Remember that all things are working for your good.  The power of words will put you in places you could never dream about.

Sometimes your vision is ahead of your time just remember to be the person who just won’t quit. The power of your words will shape your life. Your beliefs will eventually catch up with your words and manifest in your life.

Principle # 3: Your Day is Comming

Luke 3:23 – Think and trust in the process. Operate in God’s timing. People win because they have learned to operate in God’s timing. Anointed people align themselves with the right people, don’t fight against people that are anointed. Powerful people are going to accomplish their goals. Some people have already paid their price.

Know and operate in your own gift—don’t try to get in other people’s lane. Learn from others but be the best that you are ordained to be.

Principle # 4: The Power of Serving

John 13:5 – The biggest leaders are not afraid to serve. There is nothing like a leader who is willing to serve. Serve the market. For example: exemplify your humility. Serving is an ultimate part of the leadership process.

If you don’t love the people you can’t serve the people. Figure out how you can serve the people and the market.

Principle # 5: Betrayal

 John 14:21 – Principles are bound to happen, so yes betrayal is a principle. It is a part of life and betrayal thought it does not feel good it is bound to happen.

Try to keep a positive attitude. The good thing about betrayal is that a majority of the times when it occurs it takes you to the bottom. When this happens keep your focus and see the benefit. The good thing is that it may reveal to you who your true friends are.

Betrayal sometimes offers you the opportunity to have negative people, the people that are not ordained to be with you, to exit your life. See that good and know that it can allow you to have no good people rooted out of your life.

Betrayal sometimes is the only way for you to be able to walk away and leave the people that are not true to you. Betrayal sometimes reveals the people that are not for you, it often allows you the season of separation.

Pray and believe and you will see the blessing as to why that betrayal took place. There is always a positive seed.

Principle # 6: Humility 

Matthew 3:13-17  Humble yourself to those who may out-rank or out-positions you. Think back to John C. Maxwell’s Five Levels of Leadership—it’s a good example. Keep in mind that most people are positional leaders.

Humility allows you to interact with others, it allows you to see that everyone should operate in their own gifts and how sometimes you have to be able to humble yourself.

Don’t fool yourself, just because you showed someone an opportunity, don’t be mislead and get arrogant and think you’re are smarter than some individuals.

Learn to communicate with others, get great at painting the picture of what you want people to do and why. Don’t make the mistake of telling others that they have to do something.

Be like Jesus, in the way that he was great at using parables to paint the picture and get through to people.

Principle # 7: The Most Dangerous Person on the Planet 

The most dangerous person on the planet is not someone who has a bomb or a gun. The most dangerous person on the planet is someone who always wants something for nothing. These individuals and not wanting to provide value to you rather they want something from you.

Become someone who gives to others. Remember that you can still provide value. Value is not always in dollars and cents, there are things that you can do for others to show your appreciation, don’t take advantage of your relationship with others.

Be more than fair, never take advantage of people. On the journey, remember that you should never take unless you are giving.

Be able to recognize when you may need to go develop yourself. You must be willing read, get in the right environment to be able to grow and become better.

There are no short cuts, don’t expect something for anything, go and pay the price for your success.

Principle # 8: It Shall Come to Pass

1 Samuel 16 – (read the whole chapter) – God sometimes chooses the people you least expect—you can’t stop a destined person who’s on a mission. When you see powerful people don’t get intimidated. Never get intimidated by people that have skills and talents that you do not—instead, find out how you can collaborate with them.


Question? Which of these principles means the most to you? Which applies to your journey the most? Leave a comment in the section below.

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