Speed of Implementation

Speed of implementation is a big deal. It is the habit of taking immediate action after learning something new or getting a new idea.

Speed of Implementation


So the idea of speed of implementation was taught to me by Mr. Eben Pagan on one of his six of best programs that he so generously gave free to subscribers as a Holiday Package during the Christmas Season.

Thank you, Eben Pagan, for giving me this high-end training. The courses are meticulously done and have helped me to quickly get started and grow as entrepreneurs in business.

Eben Pagan is an awesome teacher, he truly knows the business, he is very professional, and he is an attractive thinker.

I have learned so much from just the first two of the six courses that I able dive into thus far. His courses are awesome and so very detailed.

The program I love the most so far is the Entrepreneurial Program. I love the fact that he teaches mindsets, action steps, and skills to allow me to take my entrepreneurial skills to the next level.

Eben stressed that as and entrepreneur you are responsible for your own productivity, unlike when you have a job and just must do the work and be paid.

So what is the speed of implementation you ask?

Speed of implementation is the concept of taking immediate action after learning something new.

Speed of implementation is the concept of doing the thing immediately after getting a new idea rather than waiting a few days or weeks or worst waiting to learn everything before taking action.

The idea is that when you implement the idea you get to see what happens.

The results whether good or bad it means that you are truly learning (aka experiential learning).



For example, if you get an idea for a blog post go and implement it right away. Put what it is that you are doing on hold just do not wait around.

If you put it on hold you are risking procrastination, paralysis, fear of failure.

When you put your learning or ideas on hold you are risking procrastination, paralysis, and can turn into fear of failure.

If you then allow fear of failure to set in then that too becomes a habit.

Finally, remember to just got do the activity because with implementation you keep going, and then you will see results.


My question for you is? Was there ever a time that you should have implemented and did not and later regret it? Share your answer on FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn or simply leave a comment in the section below.  

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