Perhaps you have considered setting up a blog but may be uncertain of where to start. Well, this post will make it easy for you because it offers your the five basics of setting up your blog.

I remember when my husband first suggested that I start a blog and back then I looked at him as if he said a dirty word. However, today I can excitedly guide you through the five basics of setting up your blog.

What’s a blog you ask? The term ‘blog’ is derived from ‘web log’ which emerged in the late 1990’s. It is a space on the internet that allows writers to express their thoughts and sentiments about everything and anything under the sun, similar to an online diary.

A blog was originally used by professional writers such as journalists as an avenue for their personal opinions on politics, economy and society, and everyday life. Such people became known as ‘bloggers’ who were eventually followed by internet users based on the latter’s interest in the content.

Later on, blogging became popular for use by those who don’t necessarily have the formal background in writing, but can fairly convey their ideas to others clearly. Now anyone who wants to say anything through writing may put up a blog, and let others have a peek into his/her inner world. Along with this various blogging sites came about, such as blogger and multiply, among many others.

Now anyone who wants to say anything through writing may put up a blog, and let others have a peek into his/her inner world. Along with this various blogging sites came about, such as blogger and multiply, among many others.


Below are the five major components needed aka the five basics of setting up your blog.


1. Pick a Theme

What is it that you intend to write about? What’s the subject matter? It could be your hobby or passion.

It could be a single subject that you know and love and will stick to writing about just that or you may want to blog on any random thought that you’re consumed by at the time of writing their post.

When you pick a theme you should choose one that you can write about at least 1-3 times per week and one that will attract readers who will continue to read your post.


2. Select a Service

For example,,,,, Tumblr or Wix.


  • – Stores your content on their server for free, It’s terrific if you are blogging as a hobby or if you want to simply get started and may later want to upgrade to The bad is that it does not look professional, you do not own your own blog, it comes with WordPress in the domain name and if you want to advertise to make money you will be limited.


  • – Is what I personally use and love it is great for bloggers who want to be able to customize their sites look and feel, business owners, someone who is building a professional brand. You’ll have access to tons of themes and plugins that you can choose from but you will need to pay a small amount for hosting like with Hostgator and you may need a little bit of technical skill.


  • – Is not as flexible as It’s free and easy to use, its great for a hobby blogger or someone who does not have a lot to invest in getting started. However remember that your site will have .blogspot in the title, you will have fewer themes and storage space that you would with and you will not be able to self-host.


  • – Is easy to use, you will have unlimited storage space, you can own your own blog. It allows entrepreneurs and professional brand builders to have a professional looking site while still yet investing some money each money into their blog.


  • Tumblr – Uses a very social platform that is free and easy to use has unlimited storage and plenty of themes to choose from. However, it’s tough to monetize and there are limited plugins to choose from and you will have difficulty backing up your blog and it will be difficult to import your content from other platforms.


  • Wix –  It’s easy to use, offers domain registration options, unlimited bandwidth, and ad integration, it’s also great for business, you pay a small amount for hosting each month and it offers e-commerce functions but you will not have complete control over your online shop. Keep in mind that there will be limited customization options, e-commerce tools are not so advanced and more expensive than a self-hosted WordPress blog.


Now is the time to determine your main purpose for creating the blog. The bottom line is you should write what you know, what you are passionate about, what’s truly in your heart.

If you intend to monetize your efforts, you have to consider your virtual audience. With that being the case, think of what will appeal to them.

It also helps if you have a target audience (so to speak) in mind. Although, universal topics may generate more hits. If you can incorporate all of these things without compromising the factors previously mentioned then you are well on your way.


4.  Add Third Party Services

To build your subscriber base, you will want to add a third party service like Mailchimp, AWeber, GetResponse.

Having an e-mail sign up form to your blog right away is highly recommended, you don’t want to miss out any subscribers and if you plan to make money from your blog, they say the money is in the list.

If money is a concern when choosing a third party service consider that most like Aweber and GetResponse offer a thirty-day free trial but Mailchimp allows you free service up to your first 2000 subscribers but no auto responder.


5. Create Awesome Content and Write Frequently

The more often you do a thing the easier it becomes. Make a habit of writing frequently and write content worth reading.

Remember too that creating a killer headline is essential to getting people to read your post. Read Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich it recently came highly recommended by one of my mentors. 

Stick to the frequency in publishing that you conveyed that you would blog at in your about page.  

Continue to feed your mind by reading awesome content that will inspire your writing. In the beginning, it’s important to write often to create the habit. If you’re not writing then no one’s reading. If you are not writing they you run the risk of losing your subscribers.  



Finally, Your blog is the center of you online universe your home base and-and is a living breathing extension of you or your business. Blogging is essential in this world of social media as it allows people to get to know you in such an intimate way compared to most other online platforms. Your blog shows people who you are, what you do, what you know, what you care about are what you are excellent. 

Remember that success may not come overnight. Patience, perseverance, and strategy play a vital part in growing your blog. Learn that if one approach does not work the way you want it, then assess the situation to try and discover what you can possibly do to make it interesting, in order to grow your readership and earn more money.

But if money, is not your main purpose for blogging, then just relax have fun and be yourself.


My question for you is? Which of the five basics of setting up your blog did you struggle with when first setting up your blog? You may leave a comment in the section below.  


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