THOUGHTS ARE THINGS—Will You Get What You Want or Want What You Get?

Once Upon a Yesterday, I was watching the animated movie Happily N’Ever After with my nine-year-old daughter. In the movie, Fairy Tale Land becomes a realm of happy endings gone wrong when Cinderella’s wicked stepmother, Frieda (Sigourney Weaver), joins forces with legendary villains to tip the balance between good and evil. With events spinning wildly out of control, Cinderella (Sarah Michelle Gellar), or Ella for short, must lead a resistance movement to defeat Frieda and restore order to the kingdom.

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Perhaps you have heard that thoughts are things. At first, it was hard for me to grasp that thoughts are things and that our thoughts not only matter, they create matter.

Thought is where everything comes from. Every physical thing originated with a thought. Consciousness is what the universe is made of; matter and energy are just two of the forms that consciousness takes.

Once we realize that everything is energy and that there is no true  difference between matter and energy, therefore, the boundaries between the physical world and the world of our thoughts should begin to disappear.

Know that the secret to your success lies in controlling your thoughts.  We must learn to replace our don’t want thoughts with do wants thoughts.

For instance, when you find yourself thinking of things that you don’t want to bring about in your life, stop and replace them with quality thoughts of what you do want. This discipline allows you to redirect your automatic negative thinking into positive do want thoughts on a regular basis.

Remember to take control of your thought this way you can choose to redirect it to a do want thought. But, should you default to your negative thinking then make the habit of quickly asking your Creator to cancel that negative thought and focus on replacing it with a positive thought.

Perhaps you remember the expression, “ I’ll believe it when I see it. ” Well actually it is more like this: “ You’ll see  it when you believe it. ” What you think about you bring about.

Oh by the way that movie I mentioned earlier in my post made me think of how we create our own world by choosing to think do want thoughts as opposed to don’t want thoughts. Most of us are unconsciously constantly thinking about all of the things that we fear or don’t want and in doing so we are creating a world of Happily N’Ever After.

There was a scene about 45 minutes into the movie where the song Get What I Want is sung you can check it out here.



Therefore, I recommend that you begin with the end in mind. Know exactly what it is that you want from life and keep your thoughts off that which you do not desire and instead get lazar focused on exactly what you do want to manifest if not be prepared to settle for what you get.

Let’s take a look at the movie Happily N’Ever After again, there is a scene close to the end where Ella A.K.A. Cinderella realizes her own fairytale is about to end. Here she wonders if she truly wants to marry The Prince or if it’s Rick her true love and best friend at the palace that she wants in a world of happy endings.


” What about Rick? What happens to him? ” asks Ella

” He just works in the kitchen. ” replies Munk

” Yeah. It’s not his story.” says Mambo

I also loved the part where Ella asked

” That’s all? That’s my whole life? I just marry the prince? “

”  What else did you expect? ” says Munk

”  I don’t know.  I guess… More. ” says Ella

” I say happy endings are boring! Just think about what you want, and go for it!” says Mambo.

So my friend, in the tale of your life, you are either creating a story with the ending where you get what you want by intentionally thinking your do want thoughts,

Or you’re staring in your Happily N’Ever After story that someone else has written for you. THOUGHTS ARE THINGS. Will You Get What You Want or Want What You Get so, master your mind by choosing to think positive do want thoughts.



My question for you is: Do you practice thinking positive do want thoughts? Do you ever try to zap or cancel out those negative thoughts? Share your answer on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or simply leave a comment in the section below.  


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