If you know me you know that I’m absolutely crazy about apple products. I’m always finding new ways to use my phone and new apps to make them possible. In this post, I’ll share my to 10 i-Phone apps for 2016, the ones I go to time and time agin.



I’m currently using an i-Phone 6S 128GB, its a huge upgrade from my old iPhone 4 16GB. In getting a phone replacement I wanted to get as much memory as possible since we are always recording videos and taking pictures as my 9-year-old daughter loves to do.

I currently have way too many apps installed and compared to my previous I-phone I no longer have to delete apps because I now have lots of free space.

Whenever I meet someone who uses an iPhone I like to ask what app is their absolute favorite.


Here are MY TOP 10 I-PHONE APPS FOR 2016. These are the apps I’m using daily and the ones that allow me to be the most productive in all that I do.

1.  Evernote: I love Evernote it’s like having my own personal assistant. When I use my phone or turn on my computer it one of the 1st apps that I launch. Evernote has been my favourite for some time now. It allows me to get things out of my head and frees me up to be more creative. With Evernote, I can also store ideas and easily go back to them at a later time. I can save things, for example, articles that want to read later on. I just copy and paste straight into Evernote.

The last time I moved I had so much clutter, it’s my goal to go totally paperless and Evernote is helping to do that. I take pics of important docs and store them in Evernote, I’ve even stored my daughter’s artwork and saved them into Evernote. It’s kinda like scanning and storing. Evernote helps me to do so much there are infinite features but I will share more of the App’s features in a later post.

2.  Notes: The powerful new Notes app is more than a great way to jot down a quick thought and keep track of it for later. Now you can turn a list into a checklist in a snap. Or easily add a photo, video, web link, or map location to a note. I am always taking some kind of notes and this one has been one that I have been using on my iPhone for a long time now. I apologise for not having a direct link over to the App Store I believe this is one of the apps that comes standard with the iPhone.

3.  WinStreak: We live in a world full of negativity but WinStreak allows me to capture my three biggest wins for the day. The app allows me to set myself up for success the next day because it allows me to write my three big wins for the next day. This awesome app allows me to record my day as a win rather than a failure. I love the app since it’s the little wins strung together that allows us to have a successful life.

4.  Kindle: e-book reader, the app allows me to take my kindle books anywhere. Once I buy a Kindle book, I can read it on my i-phone, I can highlight passages, take notes, and access the information on the go.

5.  Think and Grow Rich: this is an amazing Audiobook and Video Training Course can in the form of an app.  It has the ability to totally transform your life and enable you to lead a life of prosperity, happiness and fulfillment and I can say that it has done just that for me. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is the most famous book ever written about the power of the human mind in creating wealth and fulfillment. The thing I love the most about it is that you can listen to the audio or you can just read the e-Book or you can read and listen at the same time.

6.  DropBox: I like this app because it allows me to save my documents, for example, my resume, my photos and my profile picture. I can get my files from anywhere, on any device, and share them with anyone. It’s easy to share large files with someone—even if they don’t have a Dropbox account because all you need is a simple link. It’s a terrific backup let’s just say that if you were to lose your phone. Then don’t worry because your photos, docs, and videos will still be available you once you sign into Dropbox from any device.

7.  Motivation Radio: Is the internet’s exclusive audio stream, featuring motivational content and positive information 24 hours a day! With the tap of the mobile app, Motivation Radio helped me to reverse negative mindset, and alter my attitude. It’s like having my own 24-hour real-time personal coach. Instead of listing to hit music Motivation Radio allows me a place where I can tune in and listen to short audio segments from top motivators and speakers like Willie Jolley, Brian Tracy, Eric Thomas, Bob Proctor, Les Brown and so many more!

8.  World Time Buddy: This app is a lifesaver it allows effortless time conversion and world time. I am alway scheduled for conference calls, webinars & online meetings, events that are taking place in all kinds of time zones. World Time Buddy also assists me when I make travel plans I can count on this app to help track flight arrival time across time zones.




9.  Relax Melodies: This is an app that I use to get relaxed, unwind, get rid of anxiety and it helps me to sleep better. The app allows me to use a combination of sounds, melodies, guided meditations, brainwaves beats and even allows me to use my own music to create ambience.

10. Audible: Being busy as most of us are I use this app to listen to audio books while I walk, cook, while doing chores or while simply driving from place to place. Audible allows me the time to enjoy my favorite books. At the time of this post you can check it out FREE for 30 days with no obligation just Click Here to learn more.

In conclusion, with hundreds of apps being available for the iPhone which means we have so many to choose from. With this massive selection, I’m always discovering new apps all the time and I am constantly looking out for the ones that will boost my productivity. I hope you liked MY TOP 10 I-PHONE APPS FOR 2016.

My question for you is: What is your favorite i-Phone app? and Why? Share your answer on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or leave a comment in the section below.

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