There are so many service providers on the internet these days, so whether you are selling your idea in the form of a product or a service―your goal should be the to be the go-to person, the best in your chosen field. This post is about the top five ways to be the best service provider.



There’s a wide range of service providers available on the internet, from the writing industry, graphic design, programming and many others. Some professionals charge outrageous amounts for their products and services but on the other side of the spectrum, there are professionals like Fiver who still provide amazing service but do so for next to nothing. So let’s discuss the top five ways to be the best service provider.


Don’t charge prices based on the market

1. Even if you are trying to undercut your competitors, don’t charge prices based on the market. Instead, set your price based on what you’re worth. Focus less on price, because if you are putting out your very best work―there are customers who are willing to pay you top dollar because they appreciate quality.

Be consistent with all of your clients even if they don’t know each other

2. Charge the same basic prices and offer the same basic deadline for all your customers. Don’t pick and choose policies based upon the customer. Should they ever encounter each other you could loose them both.

Double and triple check your work before you send it out

3. It’s so important that you take the extra time on all of your projects to make sure that it’s exactly what your customer wanted―give them your very best work. Always take a few extra minutes to double and triple check your work before sending it out. The reason being, spotting even just one or two mistakes could be the difference between having reoccurring customers or not. If you take care of your customers, they will even advertise for you, people love to tell others when they receive extraordinary service.

Be okay with saying no

4. There will be projects that you will not want to work. Never let money cloud your moral judgement―you can say no for whatever the reason might be. Set your standards and stay within the boundaries of what you can handle, quality is always important. Be willing to say no to customers and they will trust and respect you.

Figure out what people’s problems are and then try to solve them

5. The very best service providers have the ability to figure out people’s problems and try to solve them. Surveying your customers may be one of the best ways to find out what they want. Being open to their comments maybe another. Once you figure out how to solve your customers problems in addition to providing stellar service―then you are basically on your way to writing your own price tag in life.



Finally, there are so many entrepreneurs out there―the countless individuals with tons of awesome ideas that they are striving to bring to life. So, if your entrepreneurial endeavor is being a service provider― this post top five ways to be the best service provider should help you.

Focus not on competing but rather on being creative. Aim to be the very best. Master your area of business by becoming the number one person whom people seek when they need your particular produce or service.


My question for you is? Which of these five ways will you use next to assist you to be the best service provider? Leave a comment in the section below.  

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