Successful people speak a different language. The tongue has the power of life and death, you can speak life or death to what it is that you want for your life. Come to think about it God created that entire world with words of his mouth. You can either bless your life or curse your life with the power of your words.

Words have become the key to everyday life. The power to use words is a unique and powerful gift from God. Words change our, our self-image, relationships, our beliefs and even our business (Twitter limits us to 140 characters).

In James 3:10 the bible says that our tongue, even though it is so small it is indeed a mighty source if used to speak the right words. Remember that when the word tongue is used we are referring to words as they are the same thing. There is death and life in the tongue or words.



The way we use of our words should be intentional, our words should be used to propel us closer to our goals? Our words control the direction of our lives, our words are taking us closer to or from our goals. We must watch the words hat we are saying, if not we could delay our goals.

I can remember hearing about an educational experiment done with plants, to test the power of the spoken words. In the experiment, there were two plants placed side by side one labeled Angry Words and the other Kind Words. The plant that was labeled Angry Words was spoken in a mean way with bad words. The plant labeled Kind Words was spoken to in a pleasant manner, with very kind nurturing words. Both plants were given equal amounts of water sunlight and nutrients. However, I’m sure you have guessed it, at the end of the experiment the plant that was spoken to kindly thrived and the plant labeled Angry words did not.

What the study suggests is that while plants seem not to have the ability to receive and process sound waves, it appears, that plants can pick up on the vibrations created by human speech and may also be able to able to pick up on the chemical signals that humans release unknowingly when they talk to their plants when watering them.

The experiment reminds me that we ought to be conscious about the words that we are exposing ourselves to, we must speak the right words to ourselves, words that empower us, words that will shape a positive self-image.



1. Stop saying the wrong things. In order to make our words work for us. Zip our lips if we have to. Become conscious and remember to not say that which we do not want. Never say negative things, like, “I’m dumb and stupid,” or “I’m not capable of doing that.” Instead, we can begin by speaking positive affirmations into our lives. For example, say “I possess the qualities needed to be extremely successful.”, or “life supports me in every way.”

If you have friends and family who are negative and are not supporting your dreams and goals, the ones that are speaking negatively to you then limit the time you spend with them or better yet go make new friends with like-minded individuals, give yourself time to accomplish your goals and later on you’ll see that these are the same people who will claim that they always know that you would do it.   

Become conscious of all self-deprecation. Never make jokes about your body, your ability to learn and do things, don’t make jokes about anything in your life. Words have power, so don’t risk it, you are tapping into a more powerful force field that you could ever imagine.



2. Start saying the right things. Every morning, look in the mirror and affirm positive words into your life. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting words. place affirmations on sticky notes or index cards around your home and or office. Display words that say wonderful things about and your goals. Think positively all day long, and find positive things to say during your day. Also be cautious of the words that you wear on your clothing. There are only three constants in this life change, principles, and choice and you have the power to bring about the change by making the right choices. You are a co-creator, tap into your power, you can change your world quickly by consistently and consciously using the right words.



3. Guard your words by distancing yourself from all corrupt communication. It seems that our Creator intentionally gave us two ears but just one mouth intentionally; therefore, we should be listening more than we speak. We do not learn anything from speaking but we gain wisdom and knowledge by listening.

Words either help or they harm. We should carefully measure our words, and guard the words that we are listing to. In order to become successful or continue to be successful, try guarding your mind from negative media like television an negative social media post. Instead, replace much of that TV time with reading books on success like an use your time in traffic instead of listing to the radio, listen to positive audio, turn your vehicle into a university on wheels.

Conclusion, our words reveal what truly is in our hearts. Our words are so powerful, they are creating life or they are creating death. So to achieve our major success we must start to speak the foreign language and guard the words that come out of our mouths, we must speak our goals before they happen. We can change what we are seeing by changing what we are saying.


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