WORK SMARTER—NOT HARDER, Five Positive Traits Found in Successful Entrepreneurs

Here are five positive traits observed among the most productive entrepreneurs, adopt these simple traits and learn to work smarter, not harder.
WORK SMARTER—NOT HARDER, Five Positive Traits Found in Successful Entrepreneurs


Highly successful people do most things a little better than average individuals. Implementing traits and good habits mean that you will get more done each day and over time gain the slight advantage needed to soar above your peers.

Have your ever admired someone who seemed to be having tremendous success and thought, “Wow! How does he do it?” “Where does he find the time, when he’s already doing soo much?”

No worries you and I can have just as much success, it’s just about adjusting, changing things up a bit for a short while anyway.


1. Rise and shine early. The most successful people in that world get up earlier than most of us. By getting up earlier, they are are able to have their work done earlier than most of everyone else. Successful people like Oprah, Donald Trump and Eric Thomas, all make it a habit start their day early.


2.  Be lazar focused. Be very intentional about how you spend your mental energy. Know what you need to get done in order to advance throughout your day. The habit of prioritizing is important. Limit distractions, (avoid constantly checking your inbox, set aside the appropriate time to do that later in your day), be aware of the amount time you spend on social media unless it’s your job. You cannot afford to multi-focus, therefore, use a daily calendar, to schedule your day, make to-do lists, use post-it notes to help you stay on track.



3.  Learn to become fearless. Successful entrepreneurs know that you gotta push through when you don’t want to. Successful people learn to tolerate and get good at things that the average person won’t do, or are too fearful to do. Fear can hold us back, therefore, you must learn to take action immediately after learning something new or after getting a bright idea. Delaying to take action can turn into habitual paralysis. Don’t let fear hold you back from starting projects and or designing the products that can set you free. Speed of implementation is important, as you learn you must apply.

4.  Learn to treat your business like a business. Business does mean work, be prepared to put the work in, so that you may later reap the rewards. When you learn to treat your business like a business it will pay you like a business. On the other hand, if you treat your business like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby. As an entrepreneur, you must be willing to schedule work hours and get the work done. You and only you are responsible for your outcome of your business. You must be aware of distractions like family and friends, set your priorities and communicate them to your loved ones, get them to respect your business hours.

5.  Learn to delegate responsibility. In the beginning, you may have to do a lot of the work yourself in order for your business to get off the ground. However, as your business grows you must be willing to let go and delegate some of the responsibility. Remember to make the most of your resources–especially other people. Hire staff members or outside resources to do the things that you do not like to do or those time-consuming tasks that are non-essential. There are only just so many hours in the day and we must be willing to explore ways to increase productivity and allow us to concentrate on other important tasks.



On the journey to success, there is always another level that you need to go to. A huge part of navigating the journey is learning how to work smart not harder.

Sometimes we have to be willing to try new things to be more productive.

We all get that same 24 hours in a day but the successful entrepreneurs know how to make the best out of that time.


Will you add any of the 5 positive traits to your list in order to become more productive? Share your answer on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Or simply leave a comment in the section below.

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