Your landing Page which may also be known as a lead magnet allows you to capture leads from multiple traffic sources. Landing pages are a fundamental part of a winning digital marketing campaign. They’re used to generate or capture leads and convert visitors into customers. 



For as long as I have been in the Marketing Industry I will tell you that there is no tool more important to your success than the landing page and I wish that I started using one way sooner. Everything from mom and pop shops to multi-billion dollar companies uses capture pages in their marketing campaigns.

In this article, I’ll share everything I know about the important elements of building landing pages that convert. Building landing pages that convert is being laser focused on a single conversion behavior. One page. One offer. The highest converting landing pages often have zero distractions. There are no exit links. No, sidebar. No, header. No, footer.

I should mention that building landing pages with nothing but an offer on them will often limit your traffic sources. You may not, for example, be allowed to generate traffic to this kind of page through Google AdWords or Facebook Ads social media etc. Keep your landing pages focused. Your conversion rate depends on it (no sidebar, no navigation, and no distractions at all) except opt-in for the Lead Magnet or leave the page. You’ll need an email marketing software like Aweber.

A landing page also known as a squeeze page is also called an opt-in page, the sole purpose of this kind of page is to get a potential customer to give you their information (capture the lead) or have them exit your squeeze page. Choose this landing page type to generate leads.

I highly recommend LeadPages drag and drop page builder that helps you build any kind of page like thank you pages, sales pages, blog pages etc. and not only can you build pages you can use their templates, it is the ultimate all in one program excellent if you are just getting started as a new marketer though keep in mind that it is not free.

However keep in mind that LeadPages does offer three monthly payment options and that and there are additional discounts if you subscribe annually. LeadPagesn now offers an amazingly simple but powerful split-testing tool so you can easily run A/B split tests for your business.

LeadPages still allows you to build a page even if you do not have a hosting package like Host Gator.

But wait before publishing your landing page I suggest that you check it to see how it will look on a tablet, I-phone, also do some A/B split-testing and see how it looks on different browsers.



Now that you are convinced that your landing page looks great, proceed to get your landing page to go live on the internet. Publish your landing page this way you can start to capture your leads.


My question for you is? Are you capturing leads through a landing page? Share your answer on FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn or simply leave a comment in the section below.  

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